#BrainTeenz is Healthy Mind UK's pioneering Secondary School Project. The project is for years 7, 9 and 11. Each year group have 3 tailored age specific workshops. This includes:

On Your Minds - This is the year 7 part of the project were we educate pupils in relation to their recent transition to Secondary School, over three sessions. This includes items such as challenges they might face, meeting new people, becoming self-dependable and how Mental Health is affected by change.

Head Set - This is the year 9 part of the project. Throughout the three Year 9 workshops, we educate pupils regarding Exam Stress, Transitional stages of Adolescence, relationships and developing independence. We aim to get their "Head Set" for the next phase of their life.

Glow - There are three year 11 Workshops for the "Glow" part of the project. The aim of the workshops are to give year 11 pupils the ability to be independent with regards to their Mental Health and provide them with a hugely positive understanding of what they can achieve. We want all pupils to leave Secondary School and GLOW in society!

mental motivators


Our "Mental Motivator" workshops are one-off sessions on specific items associated with Mental Health and Wellbeing. We work with schools to identify sessions that would be the most beneficial for each particular school. Workshop examples include:

  • Self-Harm & Suicide and Mental Health
  • Love, Laugh, Live for Mental Health
  • Sex & Relationships and Mental Health
  • Gender Identity & Mental Health
  • The Power of Self Control

Brain-Buddy scheme


The "Brain-Buddy" Secondary School scheme provides 1 - 2 - 1 support for those pupils who need that little extra support, help and guidance with regards to their Mental Health and Wellbeing. We focus on topics such as changing pupil mindsets, developing positive thinking methods for school/home as well as helping pupils to rationalise through perspective coaching.

Each pupil will undertake a 6-week program and will create, implement and evaluate their own guided action plan so that they can successfully navigate through the scheme.

Please Note - Healthy Mind UK also deliver bespoke sessions to Secondary School's with relation to particular points of interest or improvements that each school wants to make. These can be discussed and agreed accordingly.