Healthy Mind UK was established in 2017 by it's founder Andy Wynne. A Science and Psychology graduate, Andy worked as a Teacher, Senior Leader and mentored newly qualified teacher's for over 10 years. During this time, Andy worked with some of the most challenging young people who had a variety of Mental Health associated illnesses that often impacted on learning and personal development. This led Andy to launch Healthy Mind UK!

Through Andy's experience both inside and outside of the classroom, the passion and dedication was for young people as early as when they attend Primary School, to be subjected to Mental Health Education as a preventative measure for Mental Health associated illnesses.  Rather than a society driven by a conformed and typically reactive approach, a young person should be educated from an early age, before potentially developing a Mental Health associated illness later in life.

Healthy Mind UK have gone from strength to strength since it's launch in 2017, now covering the whole of the UK to deliver it's projects to over 60,000 young people as well as educating over 3,000 staff members, in a variety of ways.


Healthy Mind UK are #TrailBlazers in the field of education and Mental Health. With a proven track record of delivering pioneering projects; Healthy Mind UK's experienced and qualified professionals will work endlessly with you, to transform your approach to Mental Health.


Primary Objective - Prevent Mental Health problems by promoting good Mental Health for everybody that we work with, through education and training.

Secondary Objective - Equip young people with the appropriate knowledge and tools needed, to make better choices regarding their Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Tertiary Objective - Continue to break the STIGMA associated with Mental Health, for people of all ages.


Vision - Healthy Mind UK's vision is that "Everybody deserves to be taught how to stimulate their brain, how to look after their mind and how to lead a positive healthy life".

Values - Collaboration - Change - Sustain


The following are some example websites for further Mental Health information, including crisis support: