The ECO-HEADZ Project

Healthy Mind UK are delighted to be delivering the trailblazing "Eco-Headz" Project for Primary School's across the United Kingdom. The project consists of the following:

Part 1 - #environMENTAL

Through the use of fun and interactive tasks, we will educate pupils in defining what the environment and climate change is, enabling pupils to understand that the planet is going through change. We will provide an understanding of the impact that climate change can have on our own Mental Health as well as it's effects on others around the world.

Part 2 - #EcoFear

Using fun and innovative tasks, Healthy Mind UK will educate children from a young age to spot the signs of Eco-Anxiety and associated Mental Health problems. These problems are becoming a rapidly growing problem in the UK and around the world, due to the real threat of Climate Change. This session will focus on feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of climate change and in turn what can we do to help our Mental Health. 

Part 3 - #EcoMindz

We will educate children in this session about our responsibility for the world, what can we do to help with Climate change, rationalising our responsibility and understanding that we can only do so much and that’s OK. We will educate children using this simple ethos:

Green Environment - Mind, Body and Nature.

#BeYou Primary School Project

Healthy Mind UK's #BeYou Primary School Project is our flagship project for both KS1 and KS2. The project has had huge success since its launch in 2017 and has been delivered to over 40,000 pupils! The #BeYou Primary School Project is a 3 part project, consisting of the following sessions:

Part 1 - BrainChild - Children learn about the different parts of the brain and develop knowledge relating to the top things they can do each day, to look after their Mental Health. They also get to go inside a giant brain!

Part 2 - MindTekkers - Children learn about Mental Health associated illnesses in this session. We educate children about Anxiety and Depression, signs and symptoms to look out for and why we need to recognise warning signs for our own Mental Health as well as for the people around us.

Part 3 - Talkaway - Children use all the important things they have learned in parts 1 and 2 in this session as we educate pupils to talk about their emotions, learning when to talk about their feelings and who to talk to.



Healthy Mind UK's #BrainBank sessions educate children about various important topics associated with Mental Health and Wellbeing. Example workshops are as follows:


Key Stage 1

Identifying Emotions & talking about them, Behaving the way we feel, Transition to KS2, Understanding those around us, Being Me, Calmness, Fear and feelings.

Key Stage 2

Exam Stress, Transition to Secondary School, Bullying, Positive Friendship Skills, Relationships and Belonging, Gender Identity and Mental Health, Society and it's expectation of us, Technology and Mental Health.



Healthy Mind UK's #BrainBoosters are more in depth sessions on particular items associated with Mental Health. The sessions are usually done as a progression from the #BeYou Primary School Project for KS1 and KS2. The sessions include:


  • Exercise & Mental Health
  • Diet & Mental Health
  • People & Mental Health
  • Music & Mental Health
  • Learning & Mental Health



Healthy Mind UK's #GrowthMindset Project educates and encourages Primary School's to develop and maintain a "Whole School Approach" to Growth Mindset. The project consists of 3 parts which are as follows:


Part 1 - Staff Mindset - A fun and interactive staff training session to introduce staff to the concept of Growth Mindset and how it can be applied across the whole school.

Part 2 - Class Mindset - The class mindset sessions involve Healthy Mind UK working with each individual Teacher and their pupils in their classroom, in order to positively promote Growth Mindset and to provide bespoke tips and guidance to each class Teacher.

Part 3 - Mindset For All - The final part of the #GrowthMindset project challenges pupils to show that they have what it takes to overcome challenges and obstacles using a Growth Mindset approach. This session is fun and interactive and involves all pupils and teachers.

Please Note - Healthy Mind UK also deliver bespoke sessions to Primary School's with relation to particular points of interest or improvements that each school wants to make. These can be discussed and agreed accordingly.