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Welcome to Healthy Mind UK’s trailblazing Mental Health Award for Primary Schools.

The Mental Health Award for Primary Schools has been developed since early 2019, using the most current up to date research, DfE guidance and Ofsted criteria. The aim for Healthy Mind UK was to create an innovative tool for Primary Schools to use, in order to develop and enhance the Mental Health and Wellbeing of your whole Primary School community. After 18-months in the making - it is finally here!

The award will enable your school to analyse your approach to Mental Health, create new ideas and initiatives for your school as well as developing and solidifying a 'Whole School Approach' to Mental Health and Wellbeing. The award will commence from September 2020 and is a perfect solution for the 'Mental Health Lead' in your Primary School. The price of the Mental Health Award for Primary Schools is a cost effective £299, however we are currently offering the award at a cost of £249 if you book before the end of the 2019/20 academic year.

The Award uses a powerful e-portfolio tool with enhanced digital tools and intuitive navigation. Primary Schools can navigate through the Mental Health Award and be able to access helpful resources, whilst receiving the support and guidance that they need from Healthy Mind UK, to become a 'Mentally Healthy School'.


Unit 1 - Mental Health and Wellbeing - Leadership and Management.

Unit 2 - Mental Health and Wellbeing - Policies and Procedures.

Unit 3 - Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pupils.

Unit 4 - Mental Health and Wellbeing of Staff.

Unit 5 - Liaising with Parents, Guardians and Carers.

Unit 6 - Working with External Organisations.

Unit 7 - Governors and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Unit 8 - Mental Health and Wellbeing - Future Planning


  • Implement the new statutory DfE and Ofsted guidance, relating to Mental Health and Wellbeing education in Primary Schools.
  • Promote research based Mental Health and Wellbeing strategies, policies and procedures.
  • Enable a 'Whole School Approach' to school community Mental Health and Wellbeing.
  • Enhance the acceptance of everybody’s Mental Health & Wellbeing.
  • Create, implement and review appropriate curriculum opportunities, staff training, collaborative efforts and activities for the whole school, relating to Mental Health & Wellbeing.
  • Demonstrate your school’s committed efforts to comply and adhere to DfE and Ofsted guidance, relating to Mental Health and Wellbeing education in Primary Schools.
  • Improve staff retention rates and attract high calibre employees.
  • Reduce problems associated with pupil behaviour and Mental Health illness.
  • Address your school Mental Health needs through action planning tools and gap analysis.
  • Identify school priorities and areas for development by using Healthy Mind UK’s trailblazing framework.


  • Full support and guidance from our quality assured assessors throughout the award.  Also, over 50 downloadable tools and templates for you to use.
  • A bespoke Mental Health Award PVC banner for your school to show off your achievements. This can be displayed both indoors and outdoors.
  • A framed certificate for your school to display on the wall.
  • A trophy of achievement for your school to show visitors.
  • An e-logo to show your accreditation / quality mark.
  • You will be placed in our 'hall of fame' on our website / across social media.
  • 25% off all of Healthy Mind UK’s projects (can be used from the start of the award).

To find out more, please email Healthy Mind UK at to receive your brochure, booking form and any other information that you require.  You can alternatively request a brochure using the button below:

Healthy Mind UK are experienced Educational Professionals and are not able to provide Medical advice, guidance or interventions.

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