Healthy Mind UK's Mental Leadership System Programme enables senior leaders within organisations to understand the importance of looking after the Mental Health of themselves and their workforce. The program provides senior leaders, middle management or executive leaders the chance to learn about the following:

Part 1 - HEADSystem - This part of the project will enable leaders to understand how Mental Health needs to be reflected in things such as Health & Safety policies, through the use of adequate management practices. Example systems for policy and practice will be educationally transfered to leaders to help them in making excellent decisions regarding being a Mentally Healthy Workplace.  

Part 2 - MENTALeader - This part of the project will focus on leaders learning how to be aware of their environment in the workplace, relating to Mental Health and Wellbeing.  The session will involve personal reflection and perspective coaching, enabling leaders to understand the importance of their own Mental Health as well as their employees.

Part 3 -  BRAINStaff -  Throughout this session, leaders will develop skills to enhance the opportunities and needs of staff, relating to Mental Health and Wellbeing. The session will look at how to support employees with Mental Health issues at work, will look at sources for support and help as well as developing knowledge of how to motivate staff and improve mindset in the workplace. 



Healthy Mind UK's "Same Side" Mantra event is a unique way for an organisation to develop their workforce Mental Health in a collective manner. The team building event incorporates the importance of unity, develops positive attitudes amongst employees and helps to create a knowledgeable workforce, relating to everybody's Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The event can be tailored to your specific needs and can be delivered to small, medium or large organisations at a location of your desired choice. The event includes lots of fun and innovative activities which will certainly inspire and unite all of the staff that participate.



Healthy Mind UK's #GrowthMindset Project educates and encourages organisations to develop and maintain a "Whole Organisation Approach" to Growth Mindset. The project consists of 3 parts which are as follows:


Part 1 - Staff Minds - A fun and interactive staff training session to introduce staff to the concept of Growth Mindset and how it can be applied across the whole organisation.

Part 2 - Leadership Minds - The leadership minds sessions involve Healthy Mind UK working with leaders to fully incorporate the #GrowthMindset concept across the whole organisation. A tailored and precise action plan will be created which will then be implemented by the leaders within the workplace. This will include the use of analytical tools for mindset and how to monitor productivity through embedding mindset acceleration within the workplace.

Part 3 - Mindset Masters - The final part of the #GrowthMindset project challenges staff across the organisation to show that they have what it takes to overcome challenges and obstacles using a Growth Mindset approach. This session is fun and interactive and involves all members of staff. 

Please Note - Healthy Mind UK also deliver bespoke sessions to Organisations with relation to particular points of interest or improvements that each organisation wants to make. These can be discussed and agreed accordingly.